A Year In Glass - Stained Glass for Every Day

SwellColors Glass Studio owner and artist, Mary Tantillo's signature work has to be "A Year in Glass". This is a four part series, including one collection per season, adding up to 365 unique stained glass wave window designs to correspond with every date of the year. Each window is an original, limited edition design inspired by the waves and a life well led by the sea. Check out each collection to find the stained glass that matches with your special dates- be it a birthday, an anniversary, or any other significant date in your life.

Primavera  |  100 Waves of Summer  |  Harvest  |  Winter Sol

After the completion of "A Year in Glass", Mary Tantillo has embarked on multiple other glass collections. After Hurricane Sandy, Mary completed a series called "Reclaimed", which was largely inspired by the process of recovery after the storm. This series included a mix of stained glass windows as well as large scale sea-glass filled frames. 

The following series, "Tumbled", carried the filled-frames even further. Mary worked with a local carpenter to mill white maple wood and create custom shadowbox frames. Each of the  frames was filled with glass that was recovered after Sandy and tumbled in a huge concrete mixer with LBI sand and seawater. These softened pieces were layered in the frames, building up gorgeous abstract landscapes.

Currently, SwellColors is in production on a new "Year in Glass", inspired by the sun. Each window will have a sun design and culminate in a design for every day of the year. The first collection in this series represents spring, and is called "Origin".