Dreaming of Tortola - Fused Glass Sterling Silver Ring

Dreaming of Tortola - Fused Glass Sterling Silver Ring


The “Dreaming of Tortola” ring features a handmade fused glass center, swirling with the colors of the Caribbean. Fused glass is made by layering different colors of glass and firing them overnight in a high-heat kiln on premises. The result looks like a slice of the sea, frozen in time.

This ring is absolutely one of a kind, 100% handcrafted, and as local as it gets. It features a happy little star cut-out on the back. The setting measures approximately 1.25”x1”.

Ring is a size 9.

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Custom Sterling Silver Rings…

All of our jewelry is completely hand fabricated in our Long Beach Island studio! Come visit! This is a one of a kind piece, however, we can replicate the style and customize it for your hand. We also have an extensive gemstone and sea glass collection in a myriad of colors found all over the world. Talk to us and it will be our pleasure to make you something to order. 609-494-7600. 

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Send us your sea glass (mermaid tears) and we can make you stunning, personal jewelry. Keep your beach memories with you every day.