Milky Way Dendritic Agate Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Milky Way Dendritic Agate Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet


Dendrite is a stunning stone that comes in many forms, dendritic agate being one of the most common. The word "dendrite" refers to the specific type of crystallization that occurs in these stones, creating unique frosty or tree-like patterns. In fact, the word "dendrite" originally comes from the Greek word dendron, meaning "tree".

This gorgeous stone has ancient connections, and has been found amongst the artifacts of Neolithic peoples. It was thought to have a very strong connection to the plant kingdom in particular, and was used for medicinal purposes and to ensure a good harvest. People still use this stone to promote patience and inner composure, as well as to increase one's connection to the Earth.

This cuff is completely original and one of a kind, and has lots of delicate detail work, including a sand dollar accent, and the phrase “beautiful, mysterious, wild, & free” stamped in the back to remind you of your inner wild. The setting measures approximately 1.25"x 1.25" inches.

Cuff is a adjustable to fit most wrists.

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