Sea Glass Seafoam Scallop Love Silver Bezel Set Necklace

Sea Glass Seafoam Scallop Love Silver Bezel Set Necklace


Sterling silver bezel set seafoam colored glass. This is a timeless treasure with sea glass hand picked in Long Beach Island, NJ. The color is derived from an old Coca Cola bottle. This unique piece of sea glass has a delicate solid silver scalloped edge and has a heart hand stamped on the back.

Necklace measures to 18".

Each is a one of a kind piece however, we can replicate the style and customize and personalize it for your desires. We also have an extensive sea glass collection in a myriad of colors found all over the world. Contact us and it will be our pleasure to make you something to order.
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Send us your sea glass (mermaid tears) or other treasures and we can make you stunning, personal jewelry. Keep your warm memories with you every day.

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Seafoam (old Coca Cola bottle) color sea glass made into a solid bezel set sterling silver pendant with scalloped edges and a hand stamped heart on the back. What a great gift for any beach lover in your life.