Sunny Skies Larimar Sterling Silver Necklace

Sunny Skies Larimar Sterling Silver Necklace


Larimar has become our new favorite gem! This stunning light blue stone is found only in the Dominican Republic, and the gorgeous signature sky blue color is thought to promote calm and serenity. Larimar has a fascinating history- this stone has only recently been rediscovered in the 1970s. The discovery was made by Miguel Méndez and some Peace Corps volunteers. The stone was then named “larimar”: a combination of Miguel’s daughter’s name, Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea, “mar”.

Larimar is thought to represent peace and clarity, and radiate healing energy. It is the perfect stone to pair with your favorite beach outfit- carry the sea and sky with you wherever you go!

This one of a kind, custom made sterling silver necklace has lovely details- including a cz accent orbiting the larimar setting with a dusting of stars stamped on the back. The setting measures approximately 2”x0.9”.

Chain measures to 30”.

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All of our jewelry is completely hand fabricated in our Long Beach Island studio! Come visit! This is a one of a kind piece, however, we can replicate the style and customize it for your needs. We also have an extensive gemstone and sea glass collection in a myriad of colors found all over the world. Talk to us and it will be our pleasure to make you something to order. 609-494-7600. 

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Send us your sea glass (mermaid tears) and we can make you stunning, personal jewelry. Keep your beach memories with you every day.

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