Sea Glass Inspired Seascape- Sea Glass Shells

Sea Glass Inspired Seascape- Sea Glass Shells


These extraordinary custom framed pieces of artwork are the design of SwellColors owner and artist, Mary Tantillo. Each one is unique and comprised of a custom-made solid maple wood frame created specifically to hold the gorgeous organically tumbled glass. The frames measure 17.75"x 13.5".

We cannot ship these completed pieces, as they rely on gravity for their stability, and cannot risk the damage they might incur during shipment. However, as we are located on Long Beach Island, NJ, we are happy to deliver pieces within a reasonable distance. Otherwise a courier is required to transport your Seascape.

Please feel free to send us an email with any requests or questions you may have regarding our Seascapes. We will also ship an empty frame for $175, should you want to fill one with your own treasures, so please email us for more information about that.

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