Mary Tantillo

Mary has been working with glass for almost twenty years, and absolutely loves it. She started out making stained glass windows, but has grown to also create a wide range of mosaics, backsplashes, fused glass art, and home decor. You can find Mary’s work all over the world. She is proud to call Long Beach Island her home, and gains inspiration from the natural beauty every day. When not in her studio, you might find Mary out surfing…


Ceire Parker

Multidisciplinary artist Ceire Parker is very inspired by the wild diversity of life that calls Long Beach Island home. She creates work that explores what it really means to be from somewhere, to call a place home, to feel at peace there, to grow there. Each piece is entirely hand-fabricated from solid sterling silver, gold, and brass with semi-precious stones and sea glass.

Inspired by the soulful harmony of our natural environment. We are artists, designers, and students of the world around us.