OUR MISSION. The most important things are that you follow our safety rules AND have fun!

SAFETY FIRST. You are working with sharp objects and tools. Please handle with care and heed all our safety precautions. Wear protective eyewear at all times and gloves when required. Wear closed toe shoes and cotton clothing. Wash your hands when necessary to remove grout or materials that might have gotten on them.

TIMING. You can DROP IN any time and take a mosaic class during business hours. However, we advise that you call first to let us know you are coming and how many people are in your group. This is for your convenience as well as ours. It enables us to be ready for you; AND if we have a full house, we can advise you to come at a better time.

WE ARE IN NEW JERSEY. You must sign a WAIVER and initial that you read the CLASS POLICIES to take a class. 

SECURITY. Pre-registration is required for scheduled classes. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to secure your registration. If something happens and you cannot make the class you signed up for, you can apply your deposit towards another date within the calendar year. 

FOR YOU. Your registration for a class is for YOU to make a project. We do not allow two people to work on one project. (We do make exceptions to this rule for larger projects and for parents with small children).

IMPORTANT. We do not refund classes. If for some very strange reason you are not satisfied with a class, let us know and we will try to help resolve the issue.

COOL STUFF. All of our class fees include professional instruction and basic materials (glass, adhesives, fuels, tools, equipment, and fibers). If you want to customize your work with extra items such as glass nuggets, shells, beads, and art glass they are extra but are relatively inexpensive. You can add all sorts of cool things to your projects; they will just cost you a little more.  

GUIDANCE. Parents/guardians are expected to supervise their young children. 

GET MESSY. Please wear appropriate clothing. You are making artwork. It can get a little messy.  

HELP OUT. You are expected to help clean up after class unless we indicate otherwise.

YOUR WORK OF ART BELONGS WITH YOU. Pick up your artwork 2 days after class (or when we tell you it will be ready) or you can pay for us to ship your work to you. After one week, we charge a $1.00 per day storage fee for unclaimed work (unless arrangements are made).

CELEBRATE YOUR ORIGINALITY!Your finished projects will be imperfectly beautiful and unique

PHOTOS - We are proud of you!!! If you let us take your photo, we are allowed to use that image on our website and in our email blasts.

GRATITUDE. Class fees do NOT include gratuity to our skilled artisans. If you find that we have gone the extra miles, providing a happy and joyous environment, gratuity is always greatly appreciated but never expected. Most people generally thank us with 10-15%. Private parties of six or more will automatically incur a 15% gratuity on their final bill.