**In the OFF-SEASON (September-May), call 609-494-7600 to check our hours, as they are subject to change. In the summer we are open daily, 10am-5pm.**

Most of our classes are walk-in workshops, suitable for all ages! This means you do not need an appointment (although we do appreciate the heads up!). Classes that require a reservation are specified as such. It takes about 1.5 to 3 hours depending upon the size of piece you make. We also offer custom sizes to suit your design needs as long as we have advance notice. This is a GREAT IDEA for parties and fundraisers! One project per person except when working on a very large project or when parents are helping small children. If you have 4 or more people in your group, or if it is a rainy day in summer please call to schedule in advance. Otherwise, for walk-ins, stop by any day we are open between 10am-3pm.

SwellColors Mosaic Mermaids Class.2017.jpg

Mosaic Shapes

Here are the standard shapes for you to choose from:

Flip Flop -$35, Cupcake -$35, Surfboard -$35, Star -$35, Heart -$40, Turtle -$40, Wave -$40, Sand Dollar -$40, Ice Cream Cone -$40, Lightning Bolt -$45, Butterfly -$45, Sailboat -$50, Dragonfly -$50, Lighthouse -$60, Mermaid -$65, Dolphin -$65, Shark -$65, Seahorse -$75, Whale -$75, Dinosaur -$75, Elephant -$75, Ice Cream Cone-$35, Crab -$55, Fish -$60

Cost includes tools, materials, and instruction. This is a walk-in class available for all ages. Mosaic projects are make-and-take! Make an awesome piece of mosaic art and take it home with you the same day!

No pre-registration required.

Happy Hour Mosaic Mirrors

Pre-registration required.

Make your own 18¨ x 20¨ STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL mirror in this festive environment. Learn how to safely handle the tools, glass cutting, design, and successful grouting techniques. Take your mirror home with you at the end of HAPPY HOUR. This is great for a girls activity night!
Every Friday, 5-8 PM (please pre-register)
Price is $95 per person. No exceptions.
Refreshments provided. YUM!

HAPPY HOUR - By Appointment In The Off-Season

Mosaic Signs & Designs

Make your own custom house number, date plaque & more!

Here are the standard sizes for you to choose from:
6¨ x 8¨ - $25 per person
8" x 8" -$50 per person
10¨ x 10¨ - $75 per person
8¨ x 16¨ - $150 per person
18¨ x 22¨ - $200 per person

Note: There is a price increase for this class because you'll be using a lot more glass when compared with the mosaic mirror class.

No pre-registration required.

Mosaic Mirrors

Make your own custom house number, date plaque & more!

Here are the standard sizes for you to choose from:
6¨ x 8¨ - $25 per person
8" x 8" -$40 per person
10¨ x 10¨ - $50 per person
8¨ x 16¨ - $75 per person
18¨ x 22¨ - $95 per person

No pre-registration required.

Mosaic Garden Bricks

Weather ready for your outside space!

Perfect for your garden! VERY COOL!! Work with our team of artisans to create your own mosaic design. Call ahead to check on availability. Prices will vary depending upon size. Suitable for all ages.

Doorstop Brick - $25

6" x 6" Brick - $35

6" x 9.5" Brick - $45

10" x 10" Brick - $85

No pre-registration required.

Mosaic is the process of cutting glass into pieces, glueing them to a surface, and then grouting the finished piece to fill in all the tiny gaps between each piece. This is an ancient and beautiful art form, a class we are very proud to offer! Mosaic classes are make-and-take! Each project takes 1-3 hours, we grout it for you, and you can take it home when you leave.

Fused Glass Night Lights

Make one night light out of fusible glass. This has to fire overnight in our kiln so pick up is a couple days later OR we ship to you (additional fee of about $7 if we ship).

This is a walk in class although we appreciate a call first so we can get set up for you to do your project. Class is suitable for all ages. Cost is $35 per piece per person. No exceptions unless parent working with small child.

No pre-registration required.


Fused Glass Lightcatchers

Fusing is now being offered as a walk in class. Make 1 fused glass ornament/light catcher 8" round or 10" round. This is a simple way to make stained glass artwork. Class takes 1.5-2 hours.

Piece will be ready for pickup a couple days later. Shipping available for an additional fee. Suitable for all ages. Pricing is per person, no exceptions unless parent is helping a small child.

Pricing: 8" = $65 10" =$85

No pre-registration required.

Fused Glass Ice Cream Bowl

Create an 8" fused glass bowl with your own personal flair! You will pick up your bowl 3 days later after it is fired twice in our kiln. Bowl full of LOVE! These pieces start flat and get fired first to fuse together, and a second time to slump into the perfect bowl shape. Great for soup, or ice cream, or just to display in your home! Class will take approximately 1 - 3 hours.

This is a walk-in class, suitable for all ages. Price is $75 per person.

No pre-registration required.

Fused Glass Bead Bonanza

Come in and make a tray of fused glass beads. Each person fills a small tray with up to nine beads, pick up two days later. Fun for all ages!

Cost is $50 per person. Class takes approximately 1 hour.

Cost includes tools, materials, and instruction. This is a walk-in class available for all ages.

No pre-registration required.

Fused Glass Fish Class

Pre-registration required.

Have you seen our awesome fused glass fish in Scojo’s Restaurant in Surf City? Aren’t they so much fun? Are you dying to try making your very own large fused glass fish? Look no further! We offer this class on Wednesdays, and spots book up fast! Each class takes about an hour and you make one large fused glass fish in the color of your choice. Pick up is a few days later, or we can ship to you for a nominal fee.

Cost is $175 per person per fish.

Call us today to find out when to book for our next fish session! 609-494-7600


Fused Holiday Ornaments

Celebrate your inner ELF!! - Come by SwellColors in Surf City this holiday season and make three fused glass ornaments to give as gifts or to put on your tree. What a fun way to spend time and create something truly unique. Our Holiday Ornaments class runs from Black Friday through Christmas/New Year’s.

The class takes about an hour, then we fire the glass in our kiln. You can pick up a day or two later. Suitable for all ages...This is a walk in class, so no appointment necessary.

This class costs $50 per person and you make three ornaments OR $35 for an individual ornament. Thank you for shopping small and supporting your local artisans.

This class is only offered around the holidays (Nov-Dec), with no pre-registration required.

Fusing is the process of taking different colors of compatible glass and melting them together at high temperatures overnight in a kiln. Each fusing project is unique and always a special surprise the next morning when we take it out of our kiln. All class projects are fired on premises and can be picked up a few days after your class or we can ship your projects to you for a nominal fee. Come try fusing glass today!

Metal Stamping Class

Pre-registration required.

Create your own custom keepsake metal stamped jewelry with the help of SwellColors silversmith, Ceire Parker. Each person gets to make one piece of jewelry, necklace or earrings, stamped with their own lovely sentiment. You test out your design first in brass to practice and then make a finished piece in silver! Some fun ideas: initials and dates, house numbers, favorite town on LBI, sweet short sayings.

Cost starts at $50 per person and takes approximately one hour. Cost increases depending upon size and complexity.

Sea Glass Drilling Class

Pre-registration required.

Have you ever wandered the beach on Long Beach Island and been lucky enough to find a shimmering piece of sea glass?? It's the best feeling! Stop by SwellColors and we will teach you how to drill your sea glass to make into your very own sea glass jewelry. Bring 3-5 of your own pieces to drill, or you can work with our glass. All tools and materials provided. Class takes approximately half an hour.

In season, this class is available Tuesdays from 10am-12pm. Off season, this class is available by appointment.

Cost is $35 per person.

In all our jewelry making classes, we teach you how to make your own custom-designed, handmade jewelry. We can teach you some basics in bead-making, sea glass jewelry, and metal stamping. You’ll be off crafting your own creations before you know it- jewelry making is so much fun!

Stained Glass Ornaments

Pre-registration required.

You must be at least 15 years of age to take this class and you must schedule this class in advance- this is not available as a walk-in class.

You can make four hearts or three stars (or a combo of the two) and take them home with you at the end of class. Learn the basics of stained glass such as safety, design, color selection, cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering, and cleaning your artwork. This is a three hour class offered on Tuesdays from 1 pm - 4 pm in the summer. Ages 15 and up.

We offer additional times and dates by appointment and are happy to schedule groups of 3 or more at other times and days.

The class costs $95 per person.

Stained Glass Window Class.jpg

Stained Glass Windows

This is a full day (10am-5pm) stained glass class and must be scheduled in advance. You have to pre-register.

Make a 12¨ x 12¨ or 11" x 13" window in this 1 day class. Take your piece home at the end of the day.
Show up with a simple idea of what you want to make and together with glass artist Mary Tantillo and her team of artisans, make your very own panel. You will learn safety, design, cutting, grinding, foiling, burnishing, soldering, patina, and polishing.
This class is offered only by appointment
Groups of 3 or more can schedule a date and time for a private class.

The cost of the class is $350 per person per piece. No exceptions. Must be at least 15 years old to take this class.

Stained glass is the process of creating a puzzle-like design in glass. We use what is called the Tiffany method. Each piece is cut by hand, grinded around the outside edge, wrapped in copper foil, soldering together with a soldering iron, and finally cleaned and finished. Stained glass is one of our most advanced classes available, and you must be at least 15 to participate in these classes.