Mosaic on Glass- An Upcycled Alternative to Stained Glass

Sunrise Mosaic on Glass Art Window

Sunrise Mosaic on Glass Art Window

A lot of customers come into our shops and are so enamored with the dozens of beautiful stained glass windows that we keep on display. Sometimes it can be hard for people to bite the bullet on the higher price-tag that the stained glass process warrants.

But fear not! There is an excellent alternative!

For all the eco-conscious customers out there, we also create pieces that highlight the beauty of glass with light shining through: Mosaic on Glass. The process that we use to create these gorgeous pieces is much simpler than that of stained glass, but produces a similar visual effect. It is a great way for us to use both our scraps from the stained glass process as well as upcycle old window frames that otherwise might end up in the trash. 

We can make you a custom window of any scene your heart desires, and these make a great gift for the person who has everything. Check out our studio to see new designs or order your own custom Mosaic on Glass Window Art today!

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