Happy First Day Of Summer

It’s finally here – the official first day of summer (well at least according to astronomers and scientists)! This year the summer solstice, aka the longest day of the year, falls on Monday, June 20. But in 2007, this special day fell on June 21. It was on that day that stained glass Mary Tantillo started her “100 Waves of Summer” series.

For 100 days straight Mary walked to the beach to gain inspiration. After watching the ocean’s beauty, Mary would return to her studio and create a wave in stained glass. She compiled those designs to make her first stained glass collection, which she revealed in a celebration at her former Haven Beach studio in 2010.

The “100 Waves of Summer” series consists of a limited edition of five panels per day. Since there are only 95 days in summer, the series continues into autumn.

Read Mary Tantillo’s “100 Waves of Summer” artist statement below:

There are waves all around me. I would like to be surfing the waves in the ocean but I haven’t had a free moment lately. I have been surfing the other waves in my life and this has set me on a very happy course.  

I have learned to look forward to those low pressure systems. They bring really big waves that are not so scary if I study them first and then decide where my soul wants to go. If I decide to paddle out into them, I can anticipate what the rough water might do. Instead of getting hurt, I learn and I grow. When there is a high pressure system and the waves are small, I know that this is my time to rest, soak up the energy, and reflect. I know that if I rest too long in the sunlight, I can get burned. 

I am grateful for the currents constantly moving me. The waves enrich my soul and path in life. The 100 Waves of Summer is a celebration of waves.”