Winter is Almost Over! Stained Glass for the Season! March 7th: "Tall Wave"

At SwellColors, we expertly hand-craft dozens upon dozens of custom stained glass windows. Our "Year in Glass" is one of our most extraordinary collections, and owner and artist Mary Tantillo's most impressive feat yet in stained glass art. The series includes four separate glass collections: Primavera, 100 Waves of Summer, Harvest, and Winter Sol. Each collection contains over 80 original pieces. Mary has been inspired to create a unique stained glass window design to correspond with every date of the year, energized by our local waves. We are currently almost through the winter season- so check out our Winter Sol Stained Glass Collection

These windows make very special anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, or Mother's Day gifts for that special someone! Truly one of a kind, and made with love: Our design for today, March 7th, is called "Tall Wave".

Winter Sol Stained Glass Collection Artist Statement:

Winter can be so cold and dark. The wind blows through the mainland, over the bay, under my jacket, into my home, chilling my bones. It makes me want to hibernate and withdraw from everything; lull myself into a deep sleep like a sailboat in the doldrums. That would be easy but also it would be lonely, limiting, and I would be stuck like a wave in a bucket of water.

So I force myself to go outside, to run on the beach, face the bay at sunset, to surf on sunny brisk days, to hike in the snowy woods. I rarely see anyone. I am usually lost in my thoughts, marveling at how beautiful everything looks. Winter, at first glance, seems grey, but with closer inspection, there is a spectrum that shines through the frozen hunter green branches and bright crimson holly berries. The ocean also reveals many colors such as stormy root beer brown and calm crystal azure. I become inspired by my surroundings. I feel free. I am moving like swells rolling toward the shore.

When I am home, inside from the deep freeze, I have time to reflect. My spirit is stoked, my senses warmed like a gentle Caribbean breeze. My heart is on fire; fueled by the Winter Sol.    - Mary Tantillo