It's the End of Winter! The Final Panel for Winter Sol! March 19th: "Luna Arboles"

SwellColors Glass Studio crafts entirely by hand every single one of our hundreds of custom stained glass windows. Our "Year in Glass" is one of our most beloved collections, and owner and artist Mary Tantillo's most impressive feat yet in 2-D stained glass art. Mary has been inspired to create a unique stained glass window design to correspond with every date of the year, energized by our local waves. Our "Year in Glass" consists of four separate collections, one for each season: Primavera, 100 Waves of Summer, Harvest, and finally Winter Sol. Winter is on its very last leg, tomorrow is Spring already! - so make sure to check out the rest of our Winter Sol Stained Glass Collection

These windows make very special anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, or Mother's Day gifts for that special someone! Truly one of a kind, and made with love: Our design for today, March 16th, is called "Luna Arboles", which means Moon Trees in Spanish.