Stained Glass for the Royals... March 30th: "Liquid Velvet"

Over the course of the history of SwellColors Glass Studio, owner and artist Mary Tantillo has produced hundreds upon hundreds of custom stained glass windows. Each is always more lovely than the last, and many of the most iconic SwellColors styles were discovered through the course of Mary's incredible "Year in Glass". Mary has designed a unique stained glass window to correspond with every day of the year. Each panel reflects the natural beauty of living by the shore, and is absolutely a celebration of color and light. Now that we are in the spring season, feel free to check out our Primavera Collection.

Check out our design for March 30th, "Liquid Velvet". They say purple is a regal color, and this window sure is a showstopper! Handmade stained glass makes an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and don't forget that Mother's Day is on its way! You know she deserves something as lovely as she is, the queen that she is!

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