How to Drill Glass- A Day in the Life at SwellColors Glass Studio...

Drilling glass or sea glass is a very delicate process. As we all know, glass is both extremely hard and durable, yet completely breakable at the same time. Glass really is a wild substance as a result. A temperamental substance like this requires a skilled hand and gentle finesse...

Drilling Glass 1

One of our most utilized tools here at SwellColors Glass Studio is a Dremel hand drill. These babies are small but mighty! We use our Dremel with a number of specially formatted bits for all kinds of daily tasks in our studio. The most common use is drilling glass. The most important thing to know about drilling glass is that is can be dangerous! Glass shards are very hazardous to the lungs! Because of that, anytime that we drill glass, the piece of glass MUST be submerged in a shallow bath of water. Otherwise, you risk both causing great damage to your only set of lungs, as well as completely damaging your expensive drill bit.

SwellColors. Drilling Glass Close Up 1.jpg

But with a bit of guidance and practice, all of our artisans in the studio have become experts in drilling glass. We drill each and every glass ornament that we make by hand, as well as all of the sea glass that we use in our wire wrapped jewelry. Bring your own sea glass in today, and get some custom jewelry made out of your treasured beach finds!

SwellColors. Drilling Glass Close Up 2.jpg