Growing Heirloom Sunflowers at SwellColors Glass Studio!

If anyone knows Mary Tantillo, artist and owner of SwellColors Glass Studio, then you know her prolific love of sunflowers. Every year, SwellColors grows a bigger and better batch of extraordinary giant sunflowers out in front of the shop. We've gotten so good at it that we end up with a veritable forest of huge, gorgeous flowers every summer.

So many seeds to harvest!

So many seeds to harvest!

But did you know that these incredible sunflowers are in fact heirloom seeds that we start from seed every year? We have been harvesting our sunflower seeds since SwellColors first opened, and replanting in cups each spring. April is a very exciting time of year for SwellColors because it's when we plant the new babies! 

Come say hi and maybe you'll get lucky and nab a precious little sprout of your own!

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