Stained Glass of the Day! April 4th: "Trio at Dawn"

For each season of the year, Mary Tantillo (artist and owner of SwellColors Glass Studio) has designed a one of a kind stained glass panel to correspond with each date throughout that season. This effort has culminated in what we call our "Year in Glass"- we have 365 unique, handmade stained glass window designs to correspond with every single date of the year. 

If you find yourself looking for the perfect gift that will truly be cherished, then you ought to consider checking out our original stained glass windows. With a design for every date, that means there is something special to reflect your anniversary, your birthday, the day that your child was born, the day that you moved into your new home- or any other special moment in life. It is our joy to make you artwork that can be treasured for years to come.

Now that we are leaping into the spring season, check out our Primavera Stained Glass Collection, with designs to pair with every date of Spring. The gorgeous, one of a kind stained glass for today, April 4th, is called "Sunset".

Primavera Stained Glass Collection. April 4th: "Trio at Dawn"

Primavera Stained Glass Collection. April 4th: "Trio at Dawn"

I look forward to that first day of Spring. I open my windows, soak in the salty breeze and hear the birds singing. I shed my skin absolved from everything but resolved to do everything. Spring unfolds like a symphony. Life starts to flourish where seemed to be nothing but grey dirt and barren limbs. New flower buds emerge every day. The ocean warms up and tiny fish congregate in the shallows. The wind, rain, and sun energize life.

Like Mother Nature, I too have a Spring procession. I emerge from my surroundings from a new perspective. I study where I am and why I am. I dream about where I am going. I grow ideas. I move and stretch and clean my house.

I get a fresh start.          - Mary Tantillo