Custom Jewelry Highlights: A Shipwreck Shard and A Spanish Coin!

Shipwreck Shard set in silver. front

One of the coolest parts about making custom jewelry for people out of their treasured beach finds is getting to see what incredible items can be discovered here on Long Beach Island and beyond! We recently had the incredible opportunity to make custom silver jewelry to house two truly amazing beach finds. The first was a gorgeous shard of terracotta tile from the shipwreck of the Fortuna, that ran aground on Long Beach Island in January of 1910. These terracotta tiles were used both as ballast and as merchandise on the Fortuna while it was on its way to New York. So that little piece of pottery is over a hundred years old! 

Our silversmith, Ceire Parker, set the tile piece in a hand-formed silver prong setting and added a plate of silver on the back to detail the information on this priceless discovery.

Shipwreck shard set in silver. back detail

The second fabulous find that we transformed into custom jewelry was a genuine Spanish coin. This piece was absolutely gorgeous, and it was such an honor to elevate it to a piece of truly wearable art. The custom silver prong setting on both the Spanish coin and the Fortuna tile allowed the pieces to really stand out in all their glory.

Found Spanish Coin Set in Silver
Spanish coin custom jewelry. back

What incredible beach finds do you have? Bring the to SwellColors Glass Studio and we can turn them into stunning sterling silver jewelry.

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