Where Can I Get a Custom Blue Sea Glass Ring? SwellColors!

Have you had the pleasure yet of finding a piece of stunning cobalt blue sea glass on your beach combing adventures? There's something especially magical about the well worn blue sea glass that comes from old milk of magnesia bottles. Seasoned sea glass hunters covet these blues like nobody's business!

Because of the uniquely magical quality of these blue pieces, they are one of the most popular custom color requests. And when it comes to custom sterling silver sea glass jewelry, there's nothing quite as satisfying as a custom ring. When you first put on that ring, and it fits perfectly, and it makes your hand look fabulous- ooh baby! It's the best!

cobalt sea glass v ring 1.jpg

These rings are all completely fabricated by hand in our studio by silversmith, Ceire Parker. Options for sterling silver sea glass rings start at $75, and the designs are completely customizable to your style. 

If you are looking for an unbelievably good gift idea- consider custom matching rings! One for you and your mom, or you and your sister, or you and your best friend... You can never go wrong with a piece of handcrafted jewelry, made for that special someone, with locally sourced sea glass.

So give us a call today to get your order started! We have an extensive collection of glass to choose from, or we can make jewelry from glass that YOU found! How special is that? 

AND we ship worldwide every day!

Contact us at:

609-494-7600 or mary@swellcolors.com