Help, I Forgot My Wife's Birthday!!

Uh oh...we all know what it feels like to realize we've forgotten something very important...but what was it..? Something I was supposed to pick up...what day is it today? Oh no! It's my wife's birthday! I better find something special fast!

We are here for you at SwellColors Glass Studio. It is our pride and joy to offer beautiful, handmade local artwork and custom sea glass and sterling silver jewelry year round. You can always find something unique and special when you stop in at our Surf City location. Don't worry, we can help get you out of the doghouse! ;-)

An excellent gift that is sure to wow your love is truly our specialty- stained glass windows. If you don't already have one of owner and artist Mary Tantillo's stunning pieces of artwork, today's the day! A stained glass window is an extremely special gift. Not only is a piece of locally made stained glass a beautiful home decor item that you and your family can enjoy every day, but these are unique pieces of art that will last generations. What an extraordinarily thoughtful gift.

Another very lovely gift idea for the lady in your life is custom sea glass jewelry! Are you a beach lover like us? What better way to carry the beach with you every day than with a one of a kind sea glass ring? Or perhaps earrings? We can produce a custom piece for you within two weeks- sometimes less! And we ship worldwide every day. 

Or perhaps you'll find a nice way to show your love is to order your wife's birthday window. Here at SwellColors, we have designed a unique stained glass window to correspond with each date of the year. Each of our glass collections is organized by season: Primavera for spring, 100 Waves of Summer, Harvest for autumn, and Winter Sol. Together, these collections comprise Mary Tantillo's "A Year in Glass", with each design inspired by waves.

Mary has also started a second seasonally inspired series, focused on the sun. The first spring collection is called Origin.

Maybe you are looking for a simple and elegant way to remind your wife just how much you care. Our custom made, recycled glass date plaques are subtle and lovely- a beautiful way to celebrate your special and unique love.

Or maybe you are looking for something completely original and simply need an artist to help you achieve your vision for the ultimate gift! Give us a call or send us an email. We LOVE custom art!

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