October 5 - Washed Ashore

October 5 - Washed Ashore


October 5 - Washed Ashore



Collection of 85 surf and nature inspired stained glass panels representing each day of Autumn.


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Artist Statement for Harvest.


What do I cultivate? Literally and metaphorically speaking, I have planted some seeds in red solo cups. I have discovered that in some cases I do not have a green thumb. Yet I want a garden. I want a big bright garden that bears fruit. Then I could relish those earthy fragrances that somehow trigger ancient memories and feelings that connect me to something much greater than myself. I tap into this source that keeps me grounded, yet happy and feeling like I can fly.

In fall, everything changes so quickly. The vegetables and fruits are bold colors and are ready for picking. Leaves change. The days are warm, yet shorter than summer. Nights are crisp and starry. The ocean is warm and the waves are shared with old friends. The fishing is great. I wonder: Why is it that things always seem so great right before they end? Everyone shows up for the party and stays late. I love these moments, I hold onto them long after they are gone. This is my harvest.

Mary Tantillo