Best Friends - Reclaimed Collection

Best Friends - Reclaimed Collection


Part of newest collection- "Reclaimed," by Mary Tantillo. Piece is 15.5"x6.5" and is part of a group of three (entitled "Best Friends"). Clear glass is textured and looks gorgeous in front of light.

Comes with hooks and chain, ready to hang in your sunny window!

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Artist Statement for Reclaimed Collection

The seas are alive and restless along with the ancient mythical spirits that move them.  We have weathered some storms. What are they trying to tell us? Is there any way to offer something of myself to gain a greater understanding? Is that even necessary, or do we just wait it out and continue to breathe in tune with the waves?. How do we become better stewards of our own seas?. There are calm waters and times of reflection with amazing light. There are rough waters to navigate. This is a mysterious cycle of change and growth.  

I am wondering what will it take to appease the spirits; and to please myself? 

There are great forces at work here. I have come to trust that all is how it is meant to be.  After all, I am water too. I appreciate and look deep into the depths with the ancient spirits floating majestically about me. Under the water and on the sand are pieces of sea glass glowing in pools of light like beautiful castaways. A message perhaps;. a reminder that things can and do break apart from their original unique form. A bottle shattered to bits, seemingly lost in space and time is tossed around in the waves and sand only to be transformed into its new self. This tumbling and friction makes the glass less sharp, more refined and beautiful: a treasure, a unique gem, new again, found; like a reclaimed soul.  

With this new knowledge, I go forth. I resonate happiness. I create. I model all that is beautiful. My offering cannot move the tides or shape the waves in the ocean really, but it calms the seas.

~Mary Tantillo, artist