Hurricane Guardian Fused Glass Ornament

Hurricane Guardian Fused Glass Ornament


After Hurricane Sandy devastated Long Beach Island in 2012, we had to take some daily preventative action. Thus, the Hurricane Guardians were born! Beautiful, one of a kind handmade fused glass ornaments, these serve as a protector to ward off intense weather from our beloved beaches.

Each Hurricane Guardian is made from our stained glass remnants so nothing goes to waste. They are all silver wired wrapped and are packaged in a 5"x 7" eco friendly recycled kraft gift box. They also include a custom gift tag specifying which beach sand is included in the Hurricane Guardian.  These lightcatchers are a gorgeous souvenir from your travels.

We offer a lovely spectrum of color options. Please specify what color you would like when ordering. If you would like a different color than you see listed, please indicate so.

Also tell us from which beach sand you would like sprinkled in your Hurricane Guardian. We have a massive sand collection so chances are high we have a sample from your beach, but if not you can always mail us a small amount to make your items.

Artisan crafted with love in the USA by SwellColors Glass Studio

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