June 27 - Wave 7

June 27 - Wave 7


June 27 - Wave 7


"Wave 7" represents June 27 in the 100 Waves of Summer series. It has great motion and texture in blues and turquoise colors.

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Each stained glass panel in the "100 Waves of Summer Series" is a limited edition of five panels per day of summer. In the summer of 2007, I walked up to the beach every day gaining inspiration, then went back to my studio and designed a wave in stained glass. There are actually only 95 days in summer, so the series continues into autumn; a beautiful time of year.

There are waves all around me. I would like to be surfing the waves in the ocean but I haven’t had a free moment lately. I have been surfing the other waves in my life and this has set me on a very happy course.  
I have learned to look forward to those low pressure systems. They bring really big waves that are not so scary if I study them first and then decide where my soul wants to go. If I decide to paddle out into them, I can anticipate what the rough water might do. Instead of getting hurt, I learn and I grow. When there is a high pressure system and the waves are small, I know that this is my time to rest, soak up the energy, and reflect. I know that if I rest too long in the sunlight, I can get burned. 

I am grateful for the currents constantly moving me. The waves enrich my soul and path in life. The 100 Waves of Summer is a celebration of waves.

Mary Tantillo