Gift Ideas For People Who Have Everything...Stained Glass!

Are you looking for something perfect and special for someone you love? Does that person always tell you, "Stop it, I don't need anything.", "Don't worry about me, I have everything I want.", or "Don't spend your money on me!"?

We know what that's like. All you want to do is show them just how much you care! We at SwellColors pride ourselves in making unique, handmade gifts for one of a kind people in your life. Stained glass is one of our most popular options. Our collection of already available designs includes literally hundreds of lovingly crafted, limited edition stained glass windows. There are sea and sun inspired designs that correspond to every date of the year- an excellent wedding, birthday, or anniversary gift. You can view all of our different stained glass collections here.

Or perhaps you have a special memory or design idea and you would like to see SwellColors bring your glass dream to life? We have made hundreds of custom stained glass windows that have now been shipped all over the globe. Bring us all of your ideas, and we can create one of a kind, handmade stained glass for you today. For more information about the custom art ordering process, click here.

Below is a selection of our most recent custom stained glass window orders. Check it out!